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Valentine’s Day Low Budget Ideas to Save Money

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Top 4 Valentine’s Day Low Budget Ideas

Celebrating the love you have for people should never be expensive; after all, love is free. Valentine’s Day marks a special occasion that allows you to showcase how much somebody truly means to you.  Showing how much you love somebody should come with a lot of feeling, without lots of money. Sure, fancy dinners are always great, but sometimes it is the quietest, most intimate moments in which you learn somebody really cares for you. Here are some great Valentine’s day low budget ideas that can still create a magical evening for you and your partner.

Dine in Before Going Out

Going out for a dinner and entertainment can be very expensive. If you’re looking for one of the easiest Valentine’s day low budget ideas out there, then start by cutting some of the costs by hosting dinner at your home! Due to the holiday, restaurants tend to make their prices higher. Avoid spending the unnecessary dollars and buy your food and cook at home. Not only will you save money, but also it will make your evening more intimate and special. Nothing says “I Love You“ like a special, homemade, candlelit dinner for you and your loved one.

Avoid Price-Fixed Meals

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, many restaurants create a fixed menu that incorporates multi-course meals for two. It is understandable that a restaurant wants to make it easier on them on the busy night, but it does not mean the quality will be better. You are better off going to a dinner that offers separate menus or better yet, making a heartfelt dinner at home. Not only would you save money on Valentine’s Day, but also your food will most likely be better.

Consider Using Coupons

Websites like or allow you to pay a fraction of the price for a great meal.  This option may not always be the best for a first date, but it is always a great way to take a step outside of your house and have a great dinner, while being money-conscious.

Find Cheap Places to Go

The entertainment portion of the night can sometimes be the costliest.  To save money on a budget, find free charming places like the beach, museums and cultural centers that may be open late. These areas typically provide free entry and hold many items that are great for conversation starters, which could create a lot of memories.  Follow it up with a night walk through town and you’ll make an evening that will be very special.

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