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10 Inexpensive Staycation Ideas

Did you miss out on a vacation this summer due to lack of funds? Unfortunately, sometimes life throws us an unexpected “financial” curve ball impacting our budget, restricting our resources to take a much needed vacation. Even with limited resources, you can get a break with a creative staycation! A...

Reasons Why People Sell Their Annuity Payments

Did you realize it was possible to sell part or all your annuity payments for a lump sum of cash? Why you would consider this? Read on! Sell Your Annuity to Afford Life’s Necessities Life happens and sometimes we find ourselves in tight financial situations. Your periodic annuity payments may...

Why Work With DRB

Why DRB Capital is the best place to sell your future annuity or structured settlement payments When you are looking to turn your annuity or structured settlement payments into one large lump sum, you’ll need to find a company that is knowledgeable about the process. Exchanging your future payments for...

Back-To-School Shopping Tips that Save Money

The new school year is here and the countdown has begun to start shopping for school supplies and clothes.  Here are five helpful tips to save money for back-to-school shopping. TAKE INVENTORY OF WHAT YOU HAVE Go through all school supplies that were left over from the previous year and...

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