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Celebrity Accident Case Revisited: Kristin Cavallari and Ex Husband Jay Cutler Facing Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit

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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Dog Bite Lawsuit

Kristin Cavallari, who starred in MTV’s reality shows “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” for several seasons, had been hit with a lawsuit. Cavallari, along with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, whom she was married to from 2010 to 2020, went through a legal battle regarding a dog bite lawsuit.

german shepherdThe lawsuit was filed by Nathan Beam, a cable and satellite technician, alleging that one of the couple’s two unrestrained German Shepherds attacked Beam during a routine installation in their Tennessee home in the summer of 2020.

Reports claim that Beam was suing Cavallari and Cutler for $500,000. According to Beam’s lawsuit, he was finishing up an installation and as he was leaving, one of the German Shepherds blocked him from leaving. As Beam attempted to distract the dog so that he could leave, he was bitten on his hand, specifically causing injury to his left thumb and fingernail.

At the time of installation, neither Cavallari nor Cutler were home at the time, but an assistant working for Cavallari was overseeing the installation. She was aware of the attack, gave Beam a paper towel, and gave him instructions to leave the property.

dog attackIn his lawsuit, Beam claimed that both dogs were not contained, and he believed that the couple should not have had them loose on the property during the installation, as this could have prevented this attack. He also claimed he did nothing to provoke the dog to bite him. Additionally, upon further investigation, it had been revealed that Cavallari herself had described one of the dogs as a “trained killer” on social media. Fully knowing that her dogs were capable of such attacks, Beam believed the couple should be held accountable for failing to keep them restrained while Beam was on the property.

The lawsuit alleged that Beam was suing for damages, including a loss in wages, mental anguish, physical injuries, and disfigurement. When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, especially cases that involve sudden and shocking injuries, such as dog bites and attacks, it is common to seek these types of damages in a lawsuit.

Being bitten by a dog can be a traumatizing experience for anyone, regardless of how minor the actual physical injury may be. Sadly, these types of injuries have the potential to be quite serious: they can be extremely painful, cause severe infections, require multiple surgeries and severe attacks can be permanently life-altering. In some cases, dog attacks can be deadly, especially when victims are young children or elderly. These tragic accidents can be prevented most of the time, and when it’s another individual’s negligence that caused harm to you or a loved one, you may have the right to seek monetary compensation in a dog bite lawsuit.

dog bite injuryThe monetary award from a dog bite lawsuit can vary widely depending on several different factors, such as the extent of the injury, medical expenses, and so on. When it comes to loss of wages and/or permanent loss of quality of life, the award can be substantial, because this can financially affect the victim beyond the initial attack and can be a lifelong financial burden.

When it comes to significant financial monetary settlements resulting from lawsuits, plaintiffs don’t always receive money upfront in a lump sum. Instead, they are frequently awarded in the form of structured settlements, so that plaintiffs can receive periodic payments over a fixed time period. The payment amounts, payment schedule, and overall payment terms will vary based on the specific structured settlement. Many people prefer to keep their structured settlement intact throughout the years, but many others also find that having money tied up in a long-term payment stream is no longer optimal.

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