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Should I Sell My Structured Settlement Payment Before Retirement?

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Sell Structured Settlement Payments to Help with the Cost of Living
August 23, 2023
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Why Should I Sell My Structured Settlement Payments?
November 29, 2023

Sell Your Structured Settlement Before Retirement with DRB Capital

couple on laptop researching if selling their structured settlement before retirement is right for themRetiring can be a scary proposition for many people; it’s the time when you have to depend on your savings and investments to get you through your golden years. That’s why it is important to plan ahead and consider ways to increase your financial security before retirement. One such option that should not be overlooked is selling structured settlement payments prior to retirement. If you’re wondering, “should I sell my structured settlement payment stream before retirement?” The answer is yes!

Selling these payments can provide an immediate source of money and help you cover expenses that may otherwise take years to save up for. A lump sum of cash allows you to make investments or purchase items that can increase in value, such as a home, while still receiving regular payments from the settlement itself. Selling structured settlement payments before retirement can also be helpful if you are facing an emergency, such as medical bills or unexpected expenses. By selling your future payments, you can get the money you need right away, instead of waiting until you have saved up enough to cover the costs. Additionally, if you are nearing retirement age, selling structured settlement payments can help supplement your income and provide financial security during your retirement years. Selling these payments can help ensure that you have enough money for a comfortable living in your golden years. In general, selling structured settlement payments before retirement can be a great way to get the financial help you need and ensure that you have sufficient funds for the future.

Are you considering whether selling your structured settlement before retirement is right for you? If so, contact DRB Capital at 877-894-4541 to learn more on how we turn your future structured settlement payments into a lump sum of cash today!

What are Structured Settlement Payments?

Structured settlement payments are periodic disbursements of money from an insurance company that may occur over a period of months or years as compensation for personal injury, wrongful death, or other legal disputes. When selling structured settlement payments, the recipient receives an upfront lump sum in exchange for their future payments. This lump sum can then be used as a financial safety net during retirement.

Why Sell My Structured Settlement Payment Stream Before Retirement?

happy family together after selling structured settlementThere are many advantages associated with selling structured settlement payments prior to retirement. First and foremost, it provides you with immediate access to funds that can be used to boost your current income and pay off debts, allowing you more financial freedom leading up to retirement. Secondly, if you choose to invest the lump sum in a retirement account like an IRA or 401K, it could potentially generate additional income over time—helping ensure a more secure future down the road. Finally, selling structured settlement payments can also help reduce taxes since the money received will generally not be taxed unless it is used for non-retirement purposes.

Other benefits of selling structured settlement payments before retirement include:

Immediate Cash Access

When you sell your structured settlement payments before retirement, you receive faster access to cash. This means you can use the money without having to wait for future payments or worry about investing it in other products. This makes it much easier for people who need money upfront but do not have enough savings or investments to cover their needs.

Flexibility and Customization Options

Another major benefit of selling structured settlement payments before retirement is flexibility and customization options. When you sell your payment stream, you can choose how many payments you sell for a lump sum of cash, and how many payments remain intact. You can also choose to sell more of your payments for a lump sum at a later time, too. This type of flexible planning lets you tailor your financial plan based on changing needs throughout life’s journey.

Peace of Mind for Retirees

Selling structured settlement payments before retirement gives retirees peace of mind knowing that they will have easy access to cash when needed without taking away from their long-term savings goals or investment plans, such as stocks and bonds. This gives retirees more freedom when making life decisions without sacrificing financial security in the process.

If I Sell My Structured Settlement Payment Stream, How Does the Process Work?

couple happy to sell their structured settlement paymentThe process of selling structured settlement payments is relatively straightforward; all that’s required is applying for review by both the recipient and the insurance company responsible for making the payment(s). From there, depending on state regulations, a court hearing is required so that a judge can approve or deny the transaction based on whether they deem it is in the seller’s best interests—this ensures sellers remain protected throughout the entire process. Once approved by both parties, sellers will receive their lump sum payment relatively quickly. Keep in mind that we are involved with every step of the process with you.

I Would Like to Sell My Structured Settlement Payment Stream

Selling structured settlements prior to retirement can provide individuals with an invaluable lump sum of cash during this time of life when finances are often tightened due to reduced earning power and increased expenses associated with aging and medical care needs. By taking advantage of this option now rather than waiting until later down the road, individuals will have greater financial security going into their golden years—which is something everyone deserves. Not only does this provide stability in terms of cash flow but also peace of mind knowing that there is one less thing standing between them and a comfortable retirement lifestyle. Contact us today at 877-894-4541 for your free quote.

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