Personal injury settlements, like from a car accident and slip and fall injury cases, are one of the largest reasons for receiving a structured settlement. At DRB Capital, we understand that when you experience one of these life-changing incidents, the bills can pile up fast. The result of months or even years of delays can mean that you need to sell your structured settlement to pay for medical costs, or to help you in managing other aspects of your life after the accident. If you’re not certain whether or not your lawsuit was a personal injury settlement case, we’re happy to discuss the details with you over the phone to see if you qualify.

Many different kinds of cases fall into the category of personal injury. Car accidents, bike accidents, falling on someone else’s property, and a number of other possibilities exist. If you have been injured and are receiving payments in a settlement from an insurance company because of your injuries, then you were probably involved in a personal injury case, and the chances are very good that you qualify to sell your structured settlement payments in order to receive some or all of your cash all at once, instead of having to wait for it over months or years.

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