Four Reasons to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments
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Four Reasons to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments

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Top 4 Reasons to Sell Structured Settlement Annuity

The New Year is here and is the perfect opportunity to set new goals to accomplish as the months go by. If you have a structured settlement, selling your monthly payments for a lump sum of money is a decision you can make to help you complete your goals. Taking control of finances is a goal everybody should have and can result in less worries. These are some of the ways in which selling your structured settlement annuity payments could help you accomplish your goals. If you’re looking to sell your structured settlement annuity for a cash lump sum, DRB Capital can help!

1. Sell Structured Settlement Annuity to Start a Business

Do you have lots of great ideas but have never had the opportunity to make them real? Start the New Year by making your ideas become products you can see in real life. Selling your structured settlement payments is a simple way to make your entrepreneur dreams become reality. With a lump sum of cash, you are able to receive all the money upfront to help create your new career.

2. Become a Homeowner with your Structured Settlement Annuity Money

Buying a home is a big financial responsibility. Receiving a lump sum of cash allows you to put more up-front than receiving periodic structured settlements payments.  This may help you receive lower mortgage payments and lift financial burdens in your future. It is a big lifestyle change, but starting 2015 with the house of your dreams is a great way to begin the New Year.

3. Pay off Existing Debt

If you have accumulated debt throughout the years and are receiving monthly payments, selling your structured settlement payments gives you the opportunity to pay off as much debt as possible at once. Receiving a lump sum of cash can take a lot of financial burdens off your mind and provide some financial freedom! Interest on credit cards, car notes, and mortgages may prolong your debt and receiving a lump sum will allow you to pay off these debts faster. This allows your financial future to open and create new possibilities for whatever endeavors life may bring.

4. Help Pay for Education With Settlement Funds

This is a great personal investment with your lump sum of cash! Your future degree may help increase your income and provide the lifestyle you have always wanted. The money you spend now on education can potentially help you earn an even bigger monthly income. This is also a great option to help you and your kids improve their future!

DRB Capital has experienced account executives and that is what sets us apart from other buyers of structured settlement and annuity payments. If you have a structured settlement, you may be able to get settlement funding to help your financial situation. We want to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy New Year. If you have any questions about how you can turn your future structured settlement money or annuity payments into a lump sum, please call us at 877-894-4541.