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DRB Capital Announces the Addition of CFO Ravi Correa

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Press Release
Per our recent press release, we wanted to share the exciting news and once again welcome Ravi Correa as the new Chief Financial Officer!

New CFO brings 27+ years of financial management experience to DRB Capital.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., June 12, 2023 – Ravi Correa will join as Chief Financial Officer at DRB Capital, LLC, one of the top nationwide annuity and structured settlement purchasers. Mr. Correa brings 27+ years of financial management experience to DRB Capital. With Mr. Correa’s extensive financial knowledge and leadership, he will elevate DRB to new heights in terms of growth and profitability. Prior to joining DRB Capital, Mr. Correa was CFO for Angel Oak Lending, where he leveraged financing capacity to $650M. Angel Oak Companies have over $10B of assets under Management.

DRB Capital would like to greatly thank our outgoing Chief Financial Officer, Jerome Parsley, for his 10+ years of outstanding service. Mr. Parsley contributed tremendous leadership in the financial area and has been integral in the financial growth of DRB’s capital market efforts. DRB wishes Mr. Parsley all the best in his future endeavors.

New CFO Ravi Correa will bring to DRB Capital a depth and breadth of technical knowledge and complex analytical skills in auditing, accounting, capital markets, and treasury. “We welcome the addition of Ravi Correa to our team as our new Chief Financial Officer. Ravi’s creativity, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence will greatly contribute to our vision of growth,” said Bruce Jaeger, CEO of DRB Capital.

About DRB Capital, LLC: DRB Capital is a leading purchaser of annuity payments and payments from structured legal settlements. The company offers liquidity and optionality to prospective sellers in need of cash who receive guaranteed and/or life-contingent structured settlements or annuity payments. For further information on Structured Settlement and Annuity payments, visit

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