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Celebrity Injury Case Revisited: Travis Barker Injury Lawsuits

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Travis Barker Malpractice Injury Lawsuit

In a recent period, Travis Barker, drummer for rock band Blink-182, filed a malpractice injury lawsuit against a medical imaging center in Santa Monica. It can be summed up as an unfortunate incident that may impact his music career for the foreseeable future.

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hospital malpracticeThe incident that led up to the lawsuit filing began with an admission to the hospital. Barker was admitted to the hospital to get proper treatment for blood clots in his arms that forced him to postpone a show. He was admitted for several days in the hospital to receive proper treatment. Several days later, Travis Barker got an infection that was allegedly caused by a dirty needle, which eventually proved to be serious. However, Barker’s misfortune didn’t end there.

In July, several weeks after his hospital-acquired infection, Barker and two others were involved in a car accident when their vehicle collided with a school bus in California. Three months later, the group’s drummer filed two separate lawsuits: one with the bus company and another with the Santa Monica Medical Center.

According to the details of his medical malpractice lawsuit against the Santa Monica Medical Center, he was allegedly injected almost 40 times with a dirty needle while a technician was trying to locate a vein; thus, the incident allegedly led to vein damage and a staph infection.

Since then, the musician has had arm problems, which has prevented him from performing on stage. Barker ultimately had to cancel the tour due to his medical issues.

On Twitter, Barker released a statement regarding the issues that stemmed from his hospital visit. He said the past few months have been unfortunate, and that the associated risks with drumming were still too great for him to return to performing anytime soon. At one point, he said that his health is slowly improving.

“I’m as good as I can be,” Barker said.

Furthermore, Barker eventually made a statement that he was in the recovery phase and following orders from his doctor, and remained optimistic for performing on stage again.injury lawsuit

Barker had said the incidents that led to these two separate lawsuits were the cause of his poor health and inability to play with the band. In addition to the initial canceled performance, Blink-182 eventually had to cancel several subsequent live performances due to Barker’s health complications.

Barker’s second lawsuit involved a collision with a school bus. Luckily at the time, the bus was not carrying any children, or else the outcome could have been much more disastrous. As a result of the accident, Barker sued the bus company and the driver of the school bus.

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