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6 Reasons Why People Sell Annuity Payments for Cash

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6 Reasons to Sell Some or All Your Future Annuity Payments for Cash

Did you realize it may be possible to sell some or all your annuity or structured settlement payments for cash? Why you would consider this? Read on!

Sell Your Annuity Payments to Pay Bills

Life happens and sometimes we find ourselves in difficult financial situations. Your annuity payments may offer some sense of security, but there are times when you need a large lump sum of cash to pay bills and unexpected expenses, such as:

  1. Purchasing or fixing up a house
  2. Paying for a wedding, or family event
  3. Medical bills, medical-related equipment
  4. Paying down high-interest credit card bills that have piled up
  5. Paying off student loan debt or new educational expenses
  6. Buying a new car or unexpected car repairs and transportation costs

What is the Process to Sell?

The first step to selling your annuity for cash is finding a trusted, experienced buyer to handle the transaction. Look for one who will alleviate the burdens from your shoulders, answer all your questions up front, and make this transaction simple. DRB Capital is one of the most trusted annuity buyers in America. We provide a free no-obligation quote and help you to understand your options, all throughout the process. Your dedicated account executive at DRB Capital will handle all the paperwork and processing to get your cash quicker. To learn more about selling your future annuity payments and if it’s right for you, call DRB Capital today toll-free 877-894-4541.