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5 Ways to Lower the Cost of Home Improvement

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Whether you purchased a new construction home or a resale, there is going to come a time when you will spend money on home improvements. The home improvements could be voluntary such as modernizing your bathroom, or necessary like a new roof due to a stubborn leak.

Home Improvement

Regardless of the scenario, there are ways to save money on these projects without compromising quality. These are five different ways that could help lower the cost of your next home improvement project.


If your project is not a necessity, you should try to get the value out of the money you spend. For example, renovating your bathroom or kitchen may not reap a greater reward when it comes to selling your home, as opposed to replacing your roof or windows.


Appliances customarily go on sale during the holiday season and new models come out usually September to December. Try to plan to purchase your new refrigerator, water heater, etc. around them.

If you’re not stuck on brand new appliances, you can look for pre-owned ones on websites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Letgo. Some stores offer discounts for scratch-and-dent products or products without packaging.


When searching for materials, try to stick to standard sizes. Custom kitchen cabinets can cost in upwards of 60% or more than a stock cabinet!   If you are planning on changing your carpeting, you might want to contact a flooring store to see if they have remnants in a size and color that best fits the room. You could save a lot on remnant carpet as opposed to pre-ordering, and you might be able to pick your piece out and take it home sooner than ordering it!


When working with wood projects, such as flooring or cabinets, consider pricing out the difference in purchasing the unfinished version vs. the pre-stained. Saving on wood projects may mean using a little elbow grease and staining them or hiring a handyman whose labor costs may still be less expensive.


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If you are handy, then you may be able to save a lot of money when it comes to home improvements.   Smaller projects such as interior painting and caulking are somewhat easy to do and may be worth doing on your own!

Word of mouth is best when it comes to searching for the perfect contractor. You might want to find someone whom you trust and who has excellent references. Consider getting quotes from three contractors and see if you can sharpen your stellar negotiating skills to get the best deal!

DRB Capital understands the importance of budgeting and proper spending. We wish you luck with your future home improvement efforts and hope these tips help!

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