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3 Reasons Why People Sell Their Annuity Payments

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November 20, 2020
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Reasons to Sell Annuity Payments for a Cash Lump Sum
December 21, 2020

There are several reasons why people look into selling all or part of their annuity payments. Below are 3 reasons why to sell your annuity payment for a lump sum of cash!

Sell Your Annuity Payments to Afford Life’s Necessities

Sometimes we can find ourselves in tight financial situations and a boost of cash could definitely help get us through a difficult time. Though periodic annuity payments may offer a sense of security, they are not structured to adjust as your financial needs change.  Say you’ve lost your job or fallen behind in your housing payments, does your incremental annuity payments offer you the opportunity to get ahead? If not, maybe you should consider selling your annuity payments to get back on track. The best part is that you do not necessarily have to sell all of your annuity payments in order to get the cash that you need. Based on your needs, you could sell only some payments, which means that you would receive those payments you choose not to sell; or, you could sell a portion of some of the payments, which means that you would still receive your payments, but in a smaller amount for a period of time.

Sell Your Annuity Payment to Invest

You could cash-in some or all of your annuity payments to reinvest into products that can yield a high return on your investment. Since annuities are paid out over time, the relative value of this money will decrease as time goes by. If you exchange your annuity for cash at today’s value, you will essentially have more buying power towards future investments. If done right, the cash that was tied up in your annuity can be turned into an even greater profit.

Selling Your Annuity Can Be a Smart Choice

The cash you obtain from selling your annuity payments can be used to pay for a higher education. Just like investing in assets can help you increase your money, investing in your education offers you the opportunity to earn more. When you sell an annuity, you can avoid running up student debt. The cost associated with a college degree may seem intimidating, but if you use the cash in your annuity you will be able to offset these costs and ensure a brighter future.

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