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DRB Capital

Stop waiting years to get paid!

Let's be honest. It's not easy to put money away for a rainy day. Most of us live pay-check to pay-check and even if you have a Structured Settlement or Annuity chances are you're in the same boat. There's definitely a sense of security knowing a check will come in each and every month, but what happens when that rainy day turns into a hurricane? Your current bills pile up and that next check won't cover the new ones. DRB Capital understands and we're here for you.

couplefinancial1DRB Capital is committed to doing everything we can to get you your money, and we'll be by your side until you reclaim your peace of mind. We can help you convert your future income to current day cash. DRB Capital is a settlement buying company that has already helped thousands in situations similar to yours.

Life progresses and times have changed, but your structured settlement hasn't. Today's way of life is no longer supported by yesterday's settlement payments. If you have a structured settlement or annuity payments being paid out over time and you need a settlement buying company, we're here to listen, learn and help you change your situation. After all, this money was meant for you to get back to your life, why wait years to start living it? DRB Capital understands, you can't control life, but you can control your money. We're here to help.