Many Types of Structured Settlements Qualify to Sell

Want to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum? If you are looking for cash for your structured settlement, the biggest question you have is probably whether or not you are allowed to sell your future payments for a lump sum of cash now. How can I sell my structured settlement payments? The answer to that question on whether having structured settlement future payments for sale just needs to be confirmed by DRB representatives that a phone call to us can usually solve; there are some structured settlements that restrict who and how you can sell future payments—there may have been an agreement or contract, that only lets you get cash out under certain circumstances. Rest assured, however, that for the most part, if you are receiving payments from an insurance company, DRB Capital can help you to get cash for all or part of your structured settlement. The most important choice you can make is to work with a company that understands the laws behind structured settlements and annuities. We have experienced representatives, who can quickly find out any potential problems that you might run into in selling your structured settlement and annuity payments, as well as being able to determine if you can legally sell your structured settlement payments to us. Because of our experience, we will work with you on the best option available for your type of structured settlement.

We Can Tell You If You Qualify to Sell Structured Settlement

When it comes to annuities, the question of whether or not you qualify can be a little complicated. But if you specifically have a structured settlement, and are receiving payments from an insurance company due to a lawsuit of some kind, we can almost guarantee that we will be able to help you in the process of getting cash now by selling your structured settlement payments. If you are not sure whether or not your structured settlement qualifies—if you think you have heard that it does not, or if you were told it does not—please call us anyway. Our representatives are experienced and interested in helping you make the best possible decision; we can tell you quickly if you do qualify to sell your structured settlement payments in order to receive a lump sum of cash. Our management team has more than 25 years of combined experience in the structured settlement funding industry, and our representatives are friendly and have in-depth knowledge about the process.

Do You Need Your Money For A Major Expense?

One of the most important things that the court looks at when you ask to receive a lump sum of money for some or all of your structured settlement payments is why you want the money. While it can be uncomfortable to talk about your financial situation, the law is set up in such a way that the court will not grant you access to cash on your structured settlement or annuity if it believes doing so will put you at risk later on. Part of the process of receiving cash for your structured settlement or annuity payment is informing the judge why you are making the request to sell your future payments; you have to be able to give a reason that is both valid and honest. Some of the reasons to sell structured settlement payments that may apply to your situation may include:

Large debts, such as hospital bills or repair bills to your home.
Education, either for yourself or for your children or another close family member.
Buying a house.
Buying a car.
Starting a business so that you can help to regain your independence.

These are not the only reasons that the court will accept to sell structured settlement payments; these are just some of the reasons that the courts have accepted in the past. If you are not sure whether or not your reason for wanting the cash lump sum for your structured settlement or annuity will be accepted by the judge, then you should call us and talk to one of our representatives for more details. We can help you to understand what the court will be considering, and also help you make the decision of whether or not selling your future structured settlement or selling annuity payments is the right choice for you.

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